Equip Christians, evangelists, missionaries etc., to plant churches in places without churches.

On 13th of October, 1991, Evangelist Rienhard Bonnke arrived the city of Kano Nigeria, for a city-wide crusade, having held similar crusades in the cities of Kaduna and Ilorin, where thousands gave their lives to Christ. Before his arrival, news had gotten around town that religious extremists were not happy, because many devout believers from other faiths have been converted to Christianity. His arrival sparked one of the deadliest religious riots whose destructive tolls are still incalculable. Their plan to kill the evangelist did not materialize as he was whisked away with a helicopter when going by road was impossible. Over 2,000 Christians were slaughtered in cold blood.
Imagine being a Christian in this kind of environment. This has been the lot of most Christians in most northern and other parts of Nigeria and Africa. We are witnessing the systematic annihilation of Christians and Christianity by religious extremists. Africa is becoming a hotbed of religious extremism because of scorching poverty and direct investment of material resources by nations bent on turning the whole continent of Africa to their faith.
Word Miracle Mission International Incorporated vision is to give holistic church planting training to 10,000 church planters, make disciples, plant 1,000 churches, help the needy spiritually, materially and socially. We are a movement that wants to redraw the Christianity landscape of Africa first and second the world. It is on record, that most evangelistic meetings and crusades on the continent of Africa attracts thousands and sometimes millions. These huge crowds do not translate into the growth of Christianity as proper discipleship making process is not in place in most churches. This lapse makes it possible for religious extremists to infiltrate the people again, making them go back to their old ways and patterns. Our training programs is in the following stages: The Call, Trigger, and Triumph.

This first stage involves:
Prospective missionaries apply.
– Get the form
– Interview
– Letter from a church leader
– Medical Evaluation
– Psychological Evaluation
– The WMMI’s office will reply to the application and if successful, move to the second stage:

Trigger is a 2 week training program for missionaries at designated centers around the world. We provide practical training in the dynamics of church planting, cross cultural adjustment, mission strategies, Life Dynamics, Living the Word, and more. From the Trigger they move to the next stage which is the Triumph.

This is the commissioning stage where the Church Planter is sent forth. The commissioning ceremony is a three-day program of fasting, prayer and word search. Just like Jesus who fasted for 40 days and nights before starting his earthly ministry, we strongly believe taking territories through church planting is a spiritual exercise that requires spiritual power. On the last day, the participants will be commissioned to take territories via church planting in places where there are no churches.

– Donate study bibles and Christian books.
– Help build a training site.
– Donate video and television equipment.
– Donate trucks (3) for mobile training.
– Donate a 4WD vehicle/van.
– Feed those attending training.