We have been able to register Word Miracle Mission International as a non-profit 501c.  A board has also been constituted. We want to thank Pastor Jim Corrao of Northside for playing a pivotal role throughout the whole process.   We also want to thank Northside Christian Church in Fresno California for its support and donation of $2,000 as start-up costs.  We are giving a high five to the board members for their love and support in this whole process.  Their desire and passion to see that the nation of Nigeria and the African continent encounter the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ, has been exemplary.

We now have a bank account with Chase.  This will enhance donations.  You can donate through our website,





Picture above shows one of the 40 churches burnt by mobs of religious extremists during the religious violence in Jos, Nigeria.  © 2008 Human Rights Watch.


Imagine your children being kidnapped for 10 harrowing days, being hounded and wounded by religious extremists who are averse to Christianity?  That’s our story and the story of the nation of Nigeria and Africa.  Statistics will shed more light on the carnage going on in Nigeria and Africa:

  • Do you know at least 20 Christians are kidnapped every day in Nigeria by religious radicals?
  • Do you know that at least 400 pastors have been killed by religious radicals in the past 3 years?
  • Do you know that at least 800 churches have been burnt down by religious radicals in Nigeria alone?
  • Do you know at least 5,000 Christians were killed in Africa in 2013 alone?
  • Do you know that the religious radicals in Nigeria killed at least 30,000 people, mostly Christians in Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad since its inception in 2009?

Juxtapose our experience with what is happening on the continent of Africa and you will agree with me that there’s much work to be done.  The word of God tells us in 2 Corinthians 10:4 “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.”  It is only the gospel that can set free this continent that is almost overrun by radicals.

We must step up our soul winning action.  It is not the time to be complacent.  Remember nations like Turkey, Libya, Egypt etc., were once Christian nations but that has changed dramatically because of the complacency of Christians.   If you cannot go, your money can go.  The field is ripe and ready for harvest.  We have been called to reap the harvest as this generation is responsible for this generation of souls.


The board of Word Miracle Mission International is made of people of integrity, whose faithfulness is open for all to see.  We are blessed to have seasoned men and women of God who are soul winning and Missions minded.  Our reference, Pastor Jim Corrao, Missions Pastor Northside Christian Church has been the backbone of most of our successes.  He is a man of integrity of international repute.

Word Miracle Mission International Inc. VISION 2025:

  • To train 10,000 church planters
  • To plant 1,000 churches
  • To set up 20 community Christian schools
  • One ultra-modern specialist hospital
  • To help rebuild churches that were destroyed
  • To build a training site: $300,000
  • Trucks (4), Buses (3) for mobile training school
  • Tent for mobile training school
  • Four wheel drive vehicle
  • 1 community school – $250,000
  • Specialist Hospital – $500,000
  • To train 1 church planter for 1 month (feeding, materials, accommodation, etc.) = $426.00

If you would be willing to partner with us through prayer or finances, please send a short message to the email below if you have not already.  We would like to have a list of those committing to consistently partner with us.  Thank you!